Roundup: Egotistical French, Genius Farming, and Drilling for an Empty Solution

  • As snobby as ever (sarcasm for those that don’t know me), France is on a mission to be the first country to gain special status and recognition for it’s cuisine through the UN’s cultural heritage program (UNESCO).  The UN typically designates unique and significant landmarks as World Heritage Sites (such as the Great Wall of China and the Great Barrier Reef) and has never granted such status for an individual country’s gastronomy. France has some competition from Spain and Italy, so the success of their campaign might be a longshot. But if I had to make a bet on which country might come out on top, I’d go with France.
  • The MacArthur Foundation awarded one of its annual “genius” fellowships to Will Allen, an urban farmer in Milwaukee that has been working for over a decade to promote healthy eating habits in low-income communities through unique local farming projects that provide greater access to fresh produce and healthy food that doesn’t come out of a box at the local Shop-Rite. The award comes with a $500,000 grant, which should provide a great opportunity for Allen to expand the work of his organization, Growing Power.
  • The noise around the current economic meltdown seems to have overshadowed this story, but given my line of work I thought it deserved a mention. After months of being hammered by a well-funded campaign by Big Oil and Republican drilling proponents, Democratic leaders in Congress decided to allow the offshore drilling ban to expire and and even include a few other other nasty bits in a must-pass spending bill that is needed to keep the government running before the fiscal year ends on September 30th. So for now, we’re just going to continue down the same old path that maintains the status quo and keeps us dependent on dirty fossil fuels, which prevents us from dealing with global warming and can even impact our food choices.

One thought on “Roundup: Egotistical French, Genius Farming, and Drilling for an Empty Solution

  1. You ever eat chicken morsels? Aint nuthin better than pullin into a gas station on day hotter than the devil’s nuts in some tighty-whitey and grabbin a plaid paper tray of morsels that’s been slow-roastin under the heat lamp all day.

    They might try to tell you that them chicken fangers is fresh, or them Kool-Aid pickles will do you right. But ain’t nuthin better than sittin in the front seat of your Monte Carlo, pullin a bottle of Texas Pete out of the glove compartment, and scarfin down some morsels. Now that’ll set yur tater hole on fire.

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