First Look: Founding Farmers

I stopped by Founding Farmers for lunch last week and was quite pleased with the new farm-to-table restaurant. The menu is vast, with plenty of options in all categories, but the focus is straightforward – wholesome food served up from local and sustainable farms and fisheries. A few highlights I noticed: deviled eggs filled with crab and lobster (pictured), fried green tomatoes, kettle corn, Southern fried chicken salad, a variety of flatbreads, butternut squash ravioli, and slow-braised beef short ribs. If you want home style cooked food, but prefer gruyere on your grilled cheese over Kraft cheddar or wild salmon over fish sticks, this is the place for you.

The menu covers a wide range of prices with several options a bit on the high side, but there are plenty of salads, sandwiches, and other items on the lower-end, which makes the restaurant a good choice for lunch or dinner. Most of the dinner sized entrees are priced higher, with a ribeye steak setting you back $45; but there are a few good good values, with a boneless ribeye for $24, chicken pot pie at $14, and several pastas for around $15. They also feature a good selection of specialty drinks and quality wines, but like most new DC restaurants, the prices are high and there’s not much in terms of by-the-glass value if you’re hoping to spend lightly.

Founding Farmers is located at the corner of 20th and Penn Avenue NW. While located in a relatively new and modern building that follows the steel and glass trend of late around DC, the restaurant makes good use of various types of wood paneling, furniture, and tables to convey the family farm theme. And in keeping with the that theme, several communal tables and semi-circular booths are scattered throughout the restaurant. The restaurant covers two floors, and there is a bar area in the center of the first floor dining area.

As for the service, it was a bit slow at points and the servers and kitchen seemed to be still in the process of getting in sync with each other, but the staff was quite accommodating – our server took one of our appetizers off the tab when it arrived after the entrees and to make up for it he poured each of us an additional glass of wine on the house (did I say I went during lunch, um yeah, about that…). Something tells me they’re trying to make a good first impression and they want their new customers to return, which I appreciated.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20006

4 thoughts on “First Look: Founding Farmers

  1. sweet, sounds yummy. will you please review commissary sometime soon? 😉 i’d also love to hear about the awesome beers you tried but don’t remember from this weekend 🙂

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