Roundup: All About Food in Last Sunday’s NY Times Magazine

This past Sunday’s New York Times Magazine was all about food, hence being titled the “Food Issue” on the cover (yup, I’m quite observant). Aside from the great cover photos of exploding fruit and veggies, the issue has plenty of great reading – it’s not just about food porn and recipes! Here are a few articles that I recommend:

  • Deborah Solomon continues to prove that she’s the most annoying/obnoxious interviewer in the world, but Sunday’s interview with filmmaker Robert Kenner is notable because his upcoming documentary Food, Inc. looks like it will definitely be worth a $10 movie ticket.
  • Michael Pollan writes an open letter (it’s more like a treatise or an opus) to the next President on the need to rethink our food policies in the United States.  It’s a lengthy article, but it should be required reading.
  • One of my favorite features in the issue is a set profiles of young people working to change the way we eat, drink, and think about food.

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