Roundup: Obama, It’s What’s Good For You

The line at Ben's Chili Bowl - Yes, the line goes up the alley

The line at Ben's Chili Bowl - yes, the line goes up the alley

  • Ben’s Chili bowl is getting a healthy boost from the Obama visit. Lines have been big all weekend and are getting bigger.
  • In a follow-up to a couple of NY Times Dining section articles, Adam Nagourney listed his own top picks for DC dining. A bit too snarky and vanilla for my liking – Nagourney needs to get out in DC a bit more.
  • The Obama’s are eating up the DC restaurant scene. The two celebrated Michelle’s birthday at Equinox earlier in the week. And who said DC doesn’t have anything to offer in the food world? What’s up now, NYC?
  • There’s been much ado among top foodies over Obama’s pick for White House chef and Tom Philpott points out the ridiculousness of the call for Obama to fire current chef Cristeta Comerford – the first female to hold the spot. He then goes on to legitimize the need for having food reform come from the top.
  • Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio saved the day at a fundraiser for DC Central Kitchen when he successfully performed the heimlich maneuver on cookbook auther Joan Nathan. 
  • Anthony Bourdain comes to DC tonight for a new episode of No Reservations.  The show airs at 10pm on the Travel Channel.

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