No Reservations – Where Would You Take Anthony Bourdain?

I’m just catching on the DC episode of No Reservations, but hey, it’s not like there was an Inauguration or anything going on last week. I’ve really enjoyed the new season and I think the DC episode was fairly on the spot. More than anything, Bourdain was able to shine a spotlight on the reality of our city – the fact that it is two very separate cities.


It’s remarkable that a television show about food can reveal so much about the various places we call home, and that’s why I like Bourdain’s show so much. Food is culture, and the show did a good job of sifting through the glossed over images that the tourists see and getting down to the real DC.

Granted, it wasn’t perfect (Spy Museum, Chadwick’s, really?). Everyone has their own perspective and I’m sure we all have our own ideas about what represents DC. So here’s a little experiment for the locals out there. If you had the chance to give Anthony Bourdain the quintessential DC food experience, where would you take him? Did he get it just right, or did he miss this spot a little bit? Where else would you take him?

It seems like an easy question, but this isn’t just your ordinary “Best of DC” list, it’s a list for Anthony Bourdain. He’s not the type of guy that you can bullshit. So where would you take him? List your picks in the comments.


One thought on “No Reservations – Where Would You Take Anthony Bourdain?

  1. Well…some of those I get, but Minibar? Um…so overrated and it’s not what DC is cut out for. Ben’s is a must. Busboys is is pretty damn good, but what about Matchbox?! What about Bistro du Coin? What about Dhalek? He tries to throw in some ethnic so since he’s Anthony and I adore him, I can forgive the overlook of some of the usual DC suspects. AT LEAST he didn’t go to Old Ebbit, Clyde’s or Old Glory.

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