Happy Super Bowl


Happy Super Bowl! It’s a super day to eat some super food, drink some tasty beer, and maybe watch a super football game. I’m cooking up some ribs as we speak (will post a the recipe tomorrow). Just like Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is another one of those purely American events that almost entirely revolves around food. Sure, this is a much more gluttonous affair, but it’s still tasty. Every one always seems to have their own specialty that they cook up specifically for big game. It’s great. Guacamole, meatballs, chicken drumsticks, cheese dip, wings, pigs in a blanket – you name it, someone will bring it to the party.

As for the game, I think most people care more about the commercials and going to a party with friends than the teams playing. Unless of course you’ve got a dog in the fight. But I think this year’s game will trend toward the former. Pittsburgh? Their fans suck and are all too proud of their always good, but not always good enough team. And who cares if you’ve won five Super Bowls, you’re still annoying. As for the Arizona Cardinals, who knew they even existed? Kurt Mark (I have politics on the brain) Warner, I thought that guy retired after the Patriots glorious come from behind victory in 2002.

I’m guessing the game will be something of a ratings dud, and it could easily be a blowout, but I’m hoping for a big Arizona upset. We could use a good underdog right now. Enjoy the game and enjoy the food.


6 thoughts on “Happy Super Bowl

  1. You just think the Steelers suck because the Patriots can’t win without cheating. By the way, you should learn the difference between they’re and their if you’re going to rag on someone’s team.

    Looking forward to our February dinner!

  2. Fair enough, edit accepted. Maybe if the med school thing doesn’t work out, you could be my copy editor? And while I’m eating my words now, I still maintain my position that Pittsburgh fans are the worst.

  3. At least it was a good game – I was sweating by the end. I am convinced that Patriots fans are the worst but I suppose we may have to come to an uneasy truce and be friends despite our football animosity.

    And I would love to be your copy editory – I’d finally be able to use my English degree.

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