The Small Plates at 2 Amys: Try Them Now

Yes, the pizza at 2 Amys is amazing. Top 5 in the city, for sure. But have you tried the small plates? They’re the best. Delicious. So good that on a recent visit I didn’t even get around to ordering a pizza. I couldn’t stop eating the small plates. Duck prosciutto with lentils, sliced black radishes with cilantro (very refreshing), skewered lamb, swordfish belly with anchovies and fennel, beets with tangerines and honey, deep-fried mussels on a stick (delicious!), seafood and veggie casserole, mozzarella di bufala, and more cured meats.

Mussels on a stick at 2 Amys - Delicious

Mussels on a stick at 2 Amys

Don’t even bother getting a table during your next trip, and forget the pizza. Just sit at the bar, tell them you want the best small plates they have, and they’ll take care of you. But you might want to get there early. This place gets crowded, with good reason.

2 Amys Pizza
3715 Macomb Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016

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