Restaurant Week: Plenty of Tables Still Available

DC’s Winter Restaurant Week is now underway and based on some quick research, it appears that there are still quite a few good tables available. I’m guessing the economy might have something to do with it. Just a hunch. But that’s no reason not to take advantage of a good deal when you find one!

Many others have posted on where to go/not go, the best deals, and best service (see here, here, and here), so I stuck with the basics – for the most part. My research was simple. I used and searched for a table for two between the hours of 6pm and 10pm. Of the restaurants with tables available, I’ve listed what I consider some of the best options (no chains, steakhouses, or tapas). For a full listing of available restaurants on any given night or to make a reservation, just click on the date.

Wednesday, February 18th – 170 restaurants with reservations available, including: Co Co Sala, Il Mulino, Kaz Sushi Bistro, Mio, and Tosca Ristorante.

Thursday, February 19th166 restaurants with reservations available, including: 1789, Acadiana, Belga Cafe, Filomena Ristorante, Hook, Poste, Teatro Goldini, and Taberna de Alabardero.

Friday, February 20th – 151 restaurants with reservations available, including: Agraria, Cafe du Parc, Dino, Hudson, Indebleu, Le Chat Noir, Marrakesh, Notti Bianche, and TenPenh.

Saturday, February 21st – 152 restaurants with reservations available, including: Bistro Bis, Chef Geoff’s, D’Aqua, Occidental, Sea Catch, Sonoma, and Zengo.

Sunday, February 22nd – 136 restaurants with reservations available, including: 701, Cafe Atlantico, DC Coast, Mie N Yu, and Oya.


One thought on “Restaurant Week: Plenty of Tables Still Available

  1. I went to Founding Farmers last night and it was delicious. And the waitress was great and super knowledgeable. We tried unsuccessfully ahead of time to get a reservation but at the last minute someone must’ve canceled and we were able to snag their spot on open table.

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