An Unlikely Ally? George Will on Big Ag, Obesity, and Healthy Food

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of conservative columnist George Will. In fact, I think he’s a hack. I’m not a big fan of the Washington Post’s editorial and opinion page either. So, I was quite surprised to see Will calling Obama’s new Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, to task in his Sunday column, titled “Where the Obesity Grows.” Here’s a sample:

“Vilsack’s department is entwined with the food industry that produces a food supply unhealthily simplified by the dominance of a few staples such as corn. This diet, Pollan says, has made many Americans both overfed and undernourished.

Hippocrates enjoined doctors: “Do no harm.” He also said something germane to a nation that is harming itself with its knives and forks: “Let food be thy medicine.” That should be carved in stone over the entrance to Vilsack’s very important department.”

Who knew that George Will had a soft spot for Ag reform and providing healthier food to our children and ourselves? Not me. Nope. Definitely didn’t see that coming. I bet Big Ag didn’t see it coming either.

Now, it wasn’t the greatest piece of journalism. Fairly unoriginal and for the most part, a Michael Pollan cut and paste job. And I’ve seen better from better columnists. But, having George Will quote Pollan, in a good way no less, isn’t the worst thing in the world.


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