TED Talks on Food: Dan Barber, Jamie Oliver, Michael Ruhlman

I thought I’d post a few food-focused TED Talks that caught my eye recently. The first talk, “How I fell in love with a fish,” comes from Dan Barber, sustainable agriculture proponent and chef at NYC’s Blue Hill restaurant. It’s a fascinating speech, notable not only for the subject matter but also for Barber’s sly humor and ease in which he presents the topic.

TED2010, Dan Barber – How I fell in love with a fish

This next talk features Jamie Oliver, winner of the 2010 TED Prize for his efforts to combat obesity. In Oliver’s speech from last month, he shares his experiences from an anti-obesity project in Huntington, West Virgnia (which is also the subject of an upcoming television show) and his vision for changing the way we eat.

TED2010, Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish

In this last talk, food writer and blogger Michael Ruhlman explains why he thinks cooking is important during a recent TEDx event in Cleveland.

TEDxCLE, Michael Ruhlman


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