Friday Leftovers

Photo by Muffet via Flickr

Spring is here, and despite today’s rain, hopefully warmer days will be here to stay. Soon enough we’ll be seeing fresh asparagus popping up at local farmers markets. Here are a few links and some extra reading as we head into the weekend.

Around DC:

The finalists for the annual James Beard Awards were announced this week and several area restaurants, chefs, and food writers made this year’s cuts.  The Metrocurean blog has a good rundown of the local nominees.

The Washington City Paper is out with its latest Best of DC edition. Beer dominates the Food & Drink categories, and as Tim Carmen points out, it’s the year of ChurchKey.

Endless Simmer has an interesting list worth considering when eating out: 100 Things Restaurant Patrons Should Never Do.

Around the Web:

One of my favorite food writers, Michael Ruhlman, has a funny little rant on new cooking appliances with fancy little buttons that are supposed to make cooking easier, but don’t. And that picture of the poached egg looks amazing.

From the Land of Good News:

While the rhetoric is still hot, more and more of the actual details of what is actually in the health care bill – excuse me, law – have emerged. One good tidbit worth noting, calorie labeling for large chain restaurants. Marion Nestle at Food Politics has the details.

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