Wait, Top Chef Is In DC?

What?!?! I hadn’t heard…what is this Top Chef show you all talk of?  (This is where a sarcasm font would come in handy)

It’s very likely that the entire DC foodie community will have a major collective food-gasm at or around 9pm tonight. Yes, it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for – the premiere of Top Chef DC.  And seriously, thank God! It’s about time Bravo aired something other than the Real Housewives of wherever.  Those are some crazy-assed housewives.

Any early favorites to win this season? Will  Tamesha Warren and Timothy Dean represent for DC/Baltimore?  You can check out the rest of the chef bios here.


One thought on “Wait, Top Chef Is In DC?

  1. Hey – RHONJ aired an episode where we learned how to make home-made Italian pasta sauce! And Teresa has a cookbook out! And Sonja of NYC is writing a cookbook too. You should write a blog post about the Real Housewives’ cookbooks, maybe you will start liking them!

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