Cooking School: Masters Series at CulinAerie

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know this already, but I recently signed up for a cooking class at CulinAerie. Not just any cooking class either, it’s a 12 week course that meets every Tuesday night for three hours.  And it’s called the “Masters Series” class, which obviously means I am a master cook…or will/might be soon. As the course goes on, hopefully I’ll be able to do a post on each week’s topic and feature a recipe.

The week one session was an intro to the course and covered basic knife skills, but for week two we dove into stocks and soups. Perfect timing with the change of seasons and falling temps. After a lecture and demo, along with several soup samples, we were given two types of vegetables to make into two different soups. My cooking partner and I had broccoli and red pepper. I took the lead on the broccoli. After hearing yesterday that Panera Bread is coming to Dupont Circle, the choice was obvious – broccoli cheddar soup.

And, my soup was bland. Too much broccoli flavor, too little snap.  The pair working at the station next to ours put out a great cauliflower soup and another pair made an excellent curried butternut squash. I was shamed!

But broccoli cheddar hasn’t seen the last of me…


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