Friday Leftovers: Komi Edition

Komi - Happy Birthday

As I mentioned in last week’s Fridays Leftovers, I had a reservation at Komi to celebrate my birthday last Friday. I’ve been somewhat hesitant to write an update here on the blog, though. It’s not because the meal wasn’t spectacular or didn’t exceed expectations (it was and it did), but more so because I’m not sure that anything I could write would do the meal justice.

So instead of a full-on review, here are a few highlights:

First, and maybe best of all, there was a gift card waiting when we arrived. The meal was comped by my brother and his family. I was blown away. For weeks, I had been mentally preparing myself for what was sure to be a hefty check at the end of the night, so this was quite the birthday gift. Thanks Jamie, Melissa, Allie and Avery!

All told, it was 13 courses along with a 6 glass wine pairing. At least by my count and memory – later that night, I kept waking up to jot down notes on various courses.

Crudo. Wow. I love crudo. Raw scallops served two ways, over aioli and with beets, was my favorite of the several crudo courses. Salmon tartare with a dollop of herb-infused gelato was also a delight.

Technically speaking, it was only a 5 glass wine pairing. But that’s because one of the pairings was a beer. Lagunita’s IPA to be exact. It was served with a mini half-smoke no less. Playful, delicious, and a nod to DC all in one dish. Big points, big points.

A single bite-sized spanakopita. Not your typical greasy, salty,  and soggy spinach filled spanakopita. It had crunch and a creamy spinach and feta flavor packed interior.

An Italian Sangiovese was the knock out wine pairing of the night. Well rounded, balanced, oak, dark cherry, earth, and spice. Served with the pasta course, it stepped everything up a few notches.

Baklava ice cream. I think that says it all.

And the music. While not a part of the meal, Komi scored major points with their playlist. Eddie Vedder’s excellent soundtrack for the movie Into the Wild was playing when we arrived, so I knew they were onto something good. We left the restaurant to the sounds of California Stars from the Billy Bragg and Wilco collaboration Mermaid Avenue. Enough said.

* * *

There’s plenty more that I could write about my experience at Komi, but I’ll stop there. It was one of the best, if not the best, meals I’ve had in DC. And it sits firmly near the top of the list for my top 5 overall dining experiences. If you’ve never been, you should go. Plan ahead, score a reservation, save your pennies, go with an empty stomach, and let the good people at Komi take care of the rest.


2 thoughts on “Friday Leftovers: Komi Edition

  1. Even just your few highlights sound delicious! I love the idea of a little bit of a lot of different flavors, bite by bite. Glad you had a great birthday and thanks for the review!

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