Welcome to my blog. As the title indicates, I will in fact blog for food (and wine, beer & bourbon). And as the subtitle states and my track record in posting to this blog confirms, sometimes I write about it.

As time has gone on and the world of Twitter and Instagram has provided easier and faster outlets (follow me through the links on the right and below), it has been harder to keep up with postings. But from time to time, I will try to put up posts that fall into the following categories:

Food & Recipes: Posts on food and the recipes coming out of my kitchen.

Wine: Wine has become my passion. Look for more and more posts on this topic.

Beer & Drinks: I’m also into beer and spirits, especially the darker kind. Craft beer, bourbon, whisky, and cocktails find a home in this category.

Travel: I’ve become a traveler over the years and it often involves food & wine.

Miscellaneous: The catch-all category! It includes pretty much anything that doesn’t fit above. Posts on a variety of issues and news items related to the world of food, food policy issues, a little bit of politics from time to time, events that may or may not be of interest, and maybe even a review or thoughts on restaurants or bars.

About the Author. My name is Justin and I live in New York City as of January 2014. I grew up in the great state of Maine, and prior to the NYC move I spent nearly 15 years in Washington D.C. During that time I attended college at GWU and went on to work for non-profit environmental groups for the next 11 years. In my last job before leaving town, I worked as a policy advocate (aka, “lobbyist”) on sustainable agriculture issues. In between DC and NYC, I was able to spend the greater part of 2013 in Hong Kong while my wife completed a rotation for her job. Now it’s on to life in the big city and trying to find, drink, and eat my way around town.

Things I like include: Maine, DC, Martha’s Vineyard, the Red Sox, biking, Sportscenter, cold weather, NPR, the Sunday New York Times, and plaid shirts. And of course, I really like food. And wine. And craft beer. And good bourbon.

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  1. Hi there! It turns out we have very similar blog titles. 🙂 I stumbled upon your blog because someone tweeted me (@willblog4food) when they meant to mention you. Anyway, thought I’d say hello. Happy blogging!

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