Review: Brasserie Beck

I finally made it to Brasserie Beck. I know, it’s been open for a year. I’m a bit slow on the uptake, clearly. But while the restaurant is located on K Street, I don’t work for a K Street firm, so give me a break. Nevertheless, it was worth the  wait.

Even if the food was horrible, which it most definitely was not, I’d still be hard pressed to give Brasserie Beck a bad review. The space and atmosphere is great and the staff is one of the restaurant’s best assets. The design combines classic European bistro elements with a high ceilings, mirrors, and plenty of glass, giving it a bit of a modern industrial touch. It’s open, but intimate at the same time. And kudos to the design team for the open kitchen, which you pass by on your way to your table. As for the staff, you can tell from the moment you walk through the door, they want you to be there, they want you to enjoy your visit, and they want you to come back. Whether it’s the host, waitstaff, or bartender, they are all there to help.   Continue reading